Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sayadaw U Pannathami's Birthday Dhamma Dana

Sayadaw U Pannathami
Today, the Panditarama Centre celebrated the 64th birthday of Sayadaw U Pannathami. The centre held a celebratory lunch at the Villawood Senior Citizens Hall. Also in attendance was Sayadaw U Pannobhatha from the Panditarama Centre in Melbourne and Sayadaw Pannissara from PSMC.

Many devotees took the opportunity to wish Sayadaw a happy birthday and also listen to the recitation of suttas and a Dhamma talk given by Sayadaw. The suttas were the Metta Sutta (Loving Kindness) and Atanatiya Sutta. You can find an English translation of them and many other suttas at Access to Insight

A great lunch was provided - who does not love a good Burmese curry and rice? The range of food on offer is such a credit to the devotees who take the time and effort to prepare it for us all. Lorenza can normally eat spicy food ok, but the papaya salad had her eyes watering! Thanks to everyone for such a lovely lunch.
Catch up over lunch

Over lunch we caught up with friends and made some new ones, as we always do when we go to a PSMC event – the people are very friendly.

After lunch, the talk given by Sayadaw was very interesting, he expressed his happiness that so many devotees had come to celebrate his birthday. He then went on to tell us about his recent travels to Singapore, America, Malaysia, Burma and Indonesia.

Sayadaw told us that he had been anxious about travelling and this was the first big trip he was undertaking since he had an operation in 2010. The Venerable Sayadaw U Pandita (Sayadaw’s boss*) – asked him to lead some overseas meditation retreats if he felt his health was good enough to do so. Although apprehensive, Sayadaw did not want to let anyone down and agreed to the request.

While overseas, Sayadaw said that he became concerned because his balance was not good when walking and his blood pressure was fluctuating a lot. He told us that this was having a detrimental effect on his meditation practice. Plus, to add more difficulties his younger brother passed away. So, the trip had many challenges.

I found Sayadaw’s talk very interesting, we tend to forget that Monks, Priests or the like are also human beings just like us and have fears and concerns as we all do.


 (* Sorry – my description not his.)

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  1. Thanks for a great day. I hope everyone that was suffering from colds and flu recover quickly. Lorenza :)