Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lao VIllage Restaurant, Fairfield

waiting outside for a tab
 On Saturday night we made a spur of the moment decision to go eat Lao food at Fairfield. We sent a text to our Lao friend asking if he knew how good a particular place was, his quick response back was "Why, what's wrong with my families place? What's wrong with food from Ban Hom? Why you not got there?".

We got the message loud and clear, we were going to the place run by our friend's relatives no matter what. It was not really a problem because the Lao Village Restaurant in Anzac Ave Fairfield serves fantastic food. It is a small family run business and is always very, very busy. They have limited seating so you take a ticket and wait outside on the stools provided on the footpath. When your turn comes you get seated and it is down to business .... don't waste too much time with idle chat, quickly study the menu, order and get stuck in.

Crispy quail
Squid & BBQ pork
Rob + Quail
 We had squid salad, BBQ pork, crispy quail and sticky rice. We were very satisfied, the quail is the signature dish and is fantastic, lots of meat for such a small bird and very crispy. We cam, we ate and we said a quick "sabaidee and sok dee" (hello and good bye) to our friend's Aunt and we were out the door.

After dinner we had a drink and listened to a band at the Fairfield RSL supper club bar and then made the trip home. Enjoyable - kob jai  lai lai der (thanks very much) to our friend Sai for insisting we eat at Lao Village again.
RSL Club

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