Saturday, 4 August 2012

Garden July Onward

Getting ready for Spring
We have been getting our garden ready for spring. Digging in some manure, mulching, weeding and getting some vegetable seeds started. This spring, among other things, we will be planting dakon radish, Japanese turnip, purple chow sum, Paris market carrots, a number of varieties of tomato (including Thai pink egg tomato), plus various types of chilli and also lots of herbs.

We don't have a big block of ground but we try to do our best to produce some vegetables and herbs. We also have some grape vines which produce about 50 litres of wine each year (which we top up with some wine made from grapes we purchase).

Seed starter
I would love to grow more, but with a busy work life time gets a but short. I once read a quote from an Italian gardener that went something like this .... "The three fold imperative = grow your own, eat your own, drink your own" I think this is a nice thing to aim for.
for more herbs already Vietnamese mint

for herbs

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