Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sushi Making Workshop

Tomoko gives us the tips
Tomoko Oka introduced her sushi making workshop by saying that she loves calligraphy, food and cooking. She told us that she wants to promote the idea that Japanese food can easily be prepared at home and the ingredients can be found in any local supermarket.

The workshop was held at Ryokan Gojyuana, a traditional Japanese style inn located in Balmain.

We spent a fun two hours learning basic sushi making techniques, including how to prepare the rice, assemble the ingredients, rolling the nori (seaweed wrap) and then cutting into sizes ready to be served.

I had no idea that medium grain rice was required and that the regular long grain rice does not get sticky enough to use in sushi. Another great tip we got was to use wasabi powder rather than the paste. Tomoko explained it was a more authentic and has a nicer flavour.

Lots of concentration
Some of the fillings we tried included teriyaki chicken, salmon, tuna and mayonnaise, plus cucumber and carrot. There was also some cream cheese that went great with the salmon. Tomoko gave us some other ideas for ingredients to try at home, plus advice on the best vinegar and seasonings to use.

Once cut, we got to try our sushi creations and they all came up very well. Some were a little over filled with rice, with a bit of practice we all worked out how much rice seemed to make the right diameter roll.

Following our sushi making efforts we were offered two different types of Japanese tea to try. This was a refreshing way to finish the workshop. One of the teas also contained roasted brown rice and it was delicious, with a really nutty aroma.

The venue for the workshop was lovely. Linda who hosted the event told us of her plans for the inn and it sounds like it will be a great place to visit in the very near future. Take a look at their website for more information here..

Tomoko’s love of food and Japan really shone through in her fun and friendly delivery of the workshop. She previewed some future cooking and calligraphy workshops that she is planning. We are really looking forward to seeing her again.
Aside form coooking workshops Tomoko also holds caligraphy workshops and offers Japanese language tuition. We can put you in touch with her if you are need to contact her.

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