Saturday, 20 April 2013

Savann Lao & Thai Restaurant Cabramatta

Together with our friend Peter, Lorenza and I ventured out on a chilly, wet Saturday night to Savann Lao & Thai restaurant at Cabramatta. The restaurant is a friendly, family kind of place, with no pretensions. The food is authentic and not modernized or MacDonaldised. It is simple home cooked food.

Saap sap lai - very yummy
While ordering our food we did some quick Lao language lessons with the waitress – we checked our pronunciation of some phrases we had learnt recently – “het young u?” (what are you doing) we were told could also be said as “jow het young?” Her response, with a big Lao smile was jokingly “taking your order stupid”.

For our dinner we fried rice salad with shredded, fermented pork sausage (Nam Kao), BBQ ox tongue, Lao sausage (Sai Oua), Lao style green papaya salad (tam maak hoong), plus sticky rice and a side of cabbage, lettuce leaves and herbs.

The Nam Kao had that lovely balance of sweet and sour to it, plus the crunch of the fried sticky rice. The ox tongue is the best we have tried, very tender and great with the spicy dipping sauce. Paul, our host, makes his own Lao Sausage and it is great, spicy and sour pork sausage and just a little crispy on the outside – we love it.

Their Lao style green papaya salad, made with crab paste was yummy. Spicy enough to get Rob sweeting and Lorenza and Peter laughing at him. At the end of the meal Peter and Rob were contemplating ordering a plate of deep fried quail but after the food settled found themselves full enough not to bother.

After a chat with Paul, the owner, we wandered up the deserted main street of Cabramatta to crab some ice tea, dessert type drinks at Gong Chi teashop. Very refreshing. Lorenza and I had bitter melon chai latte.

Savann restaurant is at Shop 5, 2 Arthur St, Cabramatta. Phone 97260305.

Lorenza + Ice Tea .... Lorenza & Peter at Savann

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