Monday, 30 December 2013

Yen & Co come to visit :)

View at Leura

Blue Mountains Visit with Yen & Co

Lunch @ Leura
L to R - Rob, Yen, Russell, Sang,
Pop Corn & Lorenza
Our friend Yen, from Vietnam, is spending a few weeks in Australia, catching up with friends and seeing the sights. We were so happy to meet up again and spend some time showing her and her friends around the Blue Mountains and have them stay a night with us.

We met them at the airport after their flight from Hobart and took them to Katoomba and had a look around the Blue Mountains World Heritage area. We also caught up with our mate Russell who was playing a few tunes with friends at the Clarendon Hotel in Katoomba.

Back at our place we gave them a tour of our micro vineyard, plus some wine tasting then a warm and friendly meal.

Local walk, Featherdale Wildlife Park & a family visit

On day two of Yen’s visit Lorenza took them walking down the track near our place. Judging by the photos and smiles they liked the walk. Then they visited Featherdale Wildlife Park, which is such a great place to take overseas visitors to get a close up look at some Australian wildlife.

Fun Vietnamese meal

We all met up later at Canley Heights and dropped Yen, Pop Corn and Sang at a friend of Pop Corn’s place. What a friendly family – four generations all living under the one roof. They prepared a fantastic Vietnamese meal for us all and we laughed and joked while sharing some stories.

One new dish we tried was Pigs Ear salad - a mixture of grated carrot, radish and pigs ears - crunchy and worth a try at least once.

After dinner we took a walk to a café for coffee and juice. Canley Heights sure has changed and is a nice place to take an evening walk for coffee or ice cream.

What’s in a name?

Some folks have funny names, one of Yen’s travel companions nick name translates to “Pop Corn”. Pop Corn’s friend and her brothers have been in Australia for about 15 years. They told us that at first a lot of Australians had trouble pronouncing their names so they decided to pick some English names to make things a bit easier. They settled on the names Kimberly, Tommy and ??? (can’t remember the third name).

Kimberly asked “Do you know where we got the names from?” our response “Ummm, no”. Kimberly then told us “They were the characters from the original Power Rangers show”.

To be continued ....


Trying their music skills


Gus & Yen
Near our place

Lorenza, Sang & Yen
Pop Corn & Sang @ Leura

Fun meal
Fun meal

A drink with Russell

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