Saturday, 15 February 2014


Bún bò Huế is a beef noodle soup form central Vietnam. A big bowl full of this spicy soup is like a culinary sauna. It leaves you feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Bún = rice vermicelli noodles
Bò = beef
Huế = is a city in central Vietnam famous for its cooking style of the former royal court.

Dong Ba is a bustling restaurant in the centre of Bankstown's "Saigon Place" on the south side of the CBD. We had business to do in Bankstown and after that was done and dusted we were craving a good noodle soup. You can smell the aroma of the bun bo as you approach the restaurant.

We were ushered to a spot for two on a long shared table. The other diners around us were very friendly and we ran through our small repertoire of Vietnamese language, which put a smile on all their faces. One guy asked "have you been to Vietnam?" and we explained we had visited a number of times and had a lot of friends back there. He then smiled and asked with a cheeky grin "So, you have a girlfriend back there?" I did the "shush" sign with my finger to my mouth and said "hey, don't give away my secret please". This caused most of the folks to break out in laughter.

We lapped up our bun bo and enjoyed more fun conversation. At $10 for a huge bowl the food is great value, in fact the most expensive item on the menu is $12. They also made great Vietnamese style black coffee, it is strong enough to keep you awake for a week. Lorenza loved the tea that is in a large flask on each table.

Dong Ba is located at 2/296 Chapel Road south, Bankstown. This pace rates a 10 out of 10 for us, great value, fast service and friendly, bustling atmosphere.

Before lunch we came across some dragon dancing outside some of the shops in Saigon Plaza. After a long dance accompanied by some very loud drumming, the group let off some fire crackers which generated so much smoke the Fire Brigade arrived a few minutes later. Someone obviously forgot to tell the authorities about their plans that day - oops! See the video below ....

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