Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sydney Vietnamese New Year Celebrations

Chuc Ming Nam Moi
We attended the Vietnamese New Year Celebrations at Fairfield Show-ground, south west of Sydney, last night.

There was a huge crowd of happy people and we impress a few with our greetings of "Xin chao chic mung nam moi" ... "Hello, happy new year".

There was the usual side show alley type rides and games for the kids, plus food stalls and businesses advertising their services. One young lady offered me a sample of a hair restoring shampoo, telling me that "with regular use you will see the miracle of hair regrowth within weeks sir". I took the sample, one can only hope.

We had a look at the food stalls and we grabbed some pork ball skewers and fish balls from a stand run by a Buddhist school. The fish was a bit rubbery but the pork balls were delicious so I had to go back for some more.

The official events included speeches by politicians and also a presentation of awards to HSC students from Vietnamese backgrounds who had achieved amazing results for their final year of high school. They started out with marks like 99.35 all the way to 99.95, absolutely amazing stuff. The students gave a joint speech about doing their best in future life for Australia and also their Vietnamese culture.

It was interesting to hear some of the speakers talking about "once the communist regime is ousted in Vietnam", we have to remember most of the Vietnamese in Australia came from the south as refugees and there is no love lost between them and the current government there. In fact, along with the Australian flags around the event were the former Vietnamese flag prior to the communists taking power, so the statement was very clear.
Chuc Mung Nam Moi

We met some friends for dinner and got seats in the Decoloros tent restaurant. The food was good and the atmosphere was noisy and happy. They got me a "not so spicy" spicy soup which turned out to be exactly the same soup everybody else got (they just wanted me to fell ok) and it lived up to its name.

There were fireworks at 9.15pm and then we watched our friend's kids enjoy some of the rides. One of the most lively activities for adults was the bingo games, the guy calling the numbers actually sang the whole round of bingo as a song, very entertaining.

So, the next New Year Celebrations I think are the Assyrian New Year in March, I wonder how they celebrate?

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