Saturday, 30 May 2015


The Greater Sydney area is a huge melting pot of cultures. We stumbled across a cafe in Smithfield called "My Yerba Mate" which serves great latin food and also specialises in the drink "Yerba Mate". I had never heard of it before. It is a tea/coffee like drink made from a plant in the holly family and a traditional beverage in a lot of South American countries.

I was really surprised by the taste, they made me a "mocca" style version and it had a strong flavour halfway between tea and coffee, it had a lot of body to it. Lorenza had a "latte" style and it was not as strong, I preferred the version I had. The owner of the cafe has done a lot of research into the beneficial effects of Yerba Mate and was very passionate about it. Here is a link to some info on Wikipedia. They sell 36 different varieties.

My Yerba Mate is at 895 Horsley Drive, Smithfield. They are next door to my favourite shop in Sydney - the Cooperage wine making shop.

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