Sunday, 30 March 2014


We attended a great lunch today at Khoune Kham Lao & Thai restaurant in Fairfield today. The event was the launch of a new foundation to aid single mothers in Laos. Here is some of the info the founder, Debbie Petlueng, lists about Women in Laos on their Facebook page ...

"Women in Laos supports Lao women to build strong families. It is a new fund and initiative to work alongside women who are raising children alone.

Women in Laos is a social fund that will raise funds to support projects in Laos in partnership with locally based international organisations

We work with Lao women bringing up children alone, to support them to have choices in their lives, so they can break the cycle of poverty and vulnerability"

The food was plentiful (no need for dinner tonight, plus plenty to takeaway - work lunch taken care of tomorrow). We had a fun table of friends from the Lao Oz Foundation.

The aims of the new foundation certainly strike a chord with Lorenza and I. Having visited Laos a few times we have seen first hand that it is a beautiful country, with lovely people, but like so many developing countries the social support for anyone in need of some help is virtually non existent. We wish Debbie Petlueng all the best with her efforts and hope we can help in some small way.

Oh, the food at Khoune Kham was good, they served a very busy function with minimal fuss. Although, our friend Vicky did notice there was very little chill in the tam maak hoong (green papaya salad), but then she is used to having a little bit of papaya with her chill salad.

You can find more about Women in Laos on their Facebook page here.  Or you can find their website here.

More info on the  Khoune Kham restaurant can be found here.

Debbie explaining her goals
Debbie with restaurant owner (far left),
family & friends.

So gorgeous in their
sinh mai
(traditional Lao silk dress)